Ordering Information, AD9951 DDS-VFO:

A complete parts kit is available which consists of:

  1. Commercial quality, 4-layer printed-circuit board with surface-mount parts pre-installed      (AD9951 DDS, 1.8 volt regulators, inductors and capacitors) and 
  2. Through-hole components (resistors and capacitors)
  3. Display (Optrex, same as the one used in the QEX article)
  4. Shaft encoder, mechanical version, made by Grayhill (25LB10-Q)
  5. Connor-Winfield AC52, 50 ppm stability, 150 MHz clock oscillator
  6. Output op amp (AD8005) and voltage regulators
  7. T1 (transformer). This is surface-mount but the leads are large and it is very easy to solder.
  8. Schematic, instructions and application notes.
  9. Includes programmed microprocessor and socket.

To order, use PayPal or send a personal check, bank check, or money order for $145.00, plus  $5.00 Priority Mail shipping, to:

James D. Hagerty
64 Nonquit Lane
Tiverton, R.I. 02878 USA

Please make all checks out to "James Hagerty."

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