DX-60 DDS-VFO Interface PC Board

Ken Miller, K6CTW, has designed a really nice interface board for hooking up a Heath DX-60 transmitter to my VFO and buffer amp combination. This board is based on Ken’s original article from January 2014 CQ (which is now on the CQ website) and he has improved the design by several iterations and laid out a high-quality pc board that includes a Bill of Materials, schematic, and board files (see below). These are zip files that can be “extracted” to your desktop and opened up with Excel (Bill of Materials), WORD (Assembly Instructions), and Express PCB/Express Schematic (schematic and board files). There is also a schematic file that will open up with ordinary photo software. Express PCB/Schematic is a free downloadable tool package that is easy to use. This DX-60 board update will be described in an upcoming article in CQ (July or August ’15). FAR circuits sells the pc board, or you can view the files, and have ExpressPCB make the board. Order the parts from Mouser using the Bill of Materials file and build your own. Ken’s circuit has been thoroughly “road tested” and includes solid-state relays for smooth keying and offset functions, easy to get parts, and a fully connectorized board for easy hookup and disconnect. The negative voltages for grid-block keying in the DX-60 are provided.



Click here to download the material


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